Sledge Hockey Experience FAQ’s

How much does the Sledge Hockey Experience cost?

The core program of The Sledge Hockey Experience costs $3,500 + HST for a corporate group of 20 people. Please contact us for details on minor hockey, ASHL, personal groups, etc., and group sizes larger than 20.

We offer a variety of custom options for organizations/groups, which are entirely optional but provide additional value and experience for attendees. These options include catering, photography, videography, books, and take home keepsakes from the event.

How many people can participate?

We can accommodate up to a maximum of 20 participants on the ice at one time.

We offer other programs that can accommodate larger groups, which incorporate off ice components as well.

Can all genders participate?

Yes, all genders participate in our program.

Do you have to be athletic to participate?

No, not at all! No previous hockey experience is required either. In fact, even those who wouldn’t consider themselves athletic at all can still participate and have a great experience!

If anything, what makes The Sledge Hockey Experience so unique is that everyone who gets in a sled is instantly on a level playing field. Almost no one has played before, which is why it is a great equalizer for a team building event!

Are there any physical restrictions to play?

One of the unique aspects about sledge hockey is that we can accommodate a number of abilities and disabilities. If a participant has a limitation or a disability, we simply ask to be made aware in advance to ensure we can provide accommodations where

How long is the experience?

Our events typically run for 3 hours in total.

Is it safe?

Yes! We ensure that every participant not only feels safe, but is provided with all the necessary safety equipment. We also provide a safety briefing before ice time begins.

What equipment is provided?

Everything you need including the ice time booking, sleds, sticks, helmets, elbow pads, gloves, pucks, and jerseys.

Can people bring their own equipment (e.g. helmet, gloves and elbow pads)?

Participants are welcome to bring their own equipment if they like. Required hockey equipment is a helmet with a full face mask/cage, elbow pads, and gloves.

What clothing should I wear?

Pants JEANS ARE REQUIRED. PLEASE DO NOT wear shorts, lululemon or yoga style pants, or “parachute pants”. They are too thin, do not offer enough protection, and rip easily.

Shoes – Running shoes will do the trick! Boots are ok as well. We do not recommend dress shoes.

Shirt – A long sleeve t shirt works best as you will get warm on the ice. This fits nicely under your elbow pads and is not too bulky. Depending on your comfort level, feel free to bring additional clothing like a sweater or a hoodie.

Should participants bring a change of clothes for post event?

This is completely up to each individual participant.

Will there be rooms available to change and shower after the event?

Change rooms are available, however, participants do not tend to shower after the event. You are welcome to come with a change of clothes and go home to shower afterwards.

Do you accept late arrivals to the arena? What is the latest someone can show up and still get on the ice?

We do maintain a schedule to ensure we are prepared to maximize our ice time. We can accommodate late arrivals, but encourage groups to arrive on time when and where possible.

What day of the week is best to book an event?

After hundreds of events, the most common day and time of the week is Friday afternoon from 2pm – 5pm. We recommend this as it’s a great way to end the week on a high note and go home afterwards, or continue the fun with a team dinner!

We can certainly explore what works best for an organization based on their needs.

Where is the event held?

All Sledge Hockey Experience events are based out of the Ford Performance Centre located at 400 Kipling Ave., Etobicoke, ON M8V 3L1. (Click here for a map)

It is possible for the experience to be held at an alternate location. This requires additional logistics and additional fees would apply. Please contact us to discuss.

We have done The Sledge Hockey Experience. What’s next?

In addition to this on ice experience, Kevin also offers off ice keynotes and workshops. These programs are themed around mental health, resilience, change management, and diversity, equity & inclusion. Click here to learn more.

For clients who want a combination of The Sledge Hockey Experience and a keynote or workshop, reduced fees and package options are available.