Prior to building the Sledge Hockey Experience, Kevin’s career helping lead others began as a keynote speaker.

After learning how to walk again, dig himself out of depression, and reach the Paralympic podium, Kevin was constantly asked what he did to achieve those goals, and so, The Hero Mindset Keynote was born.

Each of us have Hero Moments, Hero Decisions, and Hero Actions where we can all step up in our personal and professional lives to become the hero of our own movie. It’s about focusing on the small things that make a big difference, and the same strategies Kevin has used to propel his life and business forward, you can use too.


Strong individuals and organizations thrive by not placing blame on other people, their surroundings, or external circumstances. They thrive recognizing the importance to choose the right mindset as they develop resilience when facing uncertainty.

Choose to adopt The Hero Mindset.

The Hero Mindset is about recognizing Hero Moments, Hero Decisions, and Hero Actions where you choose to step up, make key crucial decisions, and take action in spite of fear. By doing so you become a hero to yourself, to each other, to your customers, and to your community.

Today’s world accelerates change fatigue and mental energy drains from high performing teams. Reigniting passion while also maintaining a healthy work/life balance starts with recognizing what to focus on and how to take personal responsibility.

This program ideal for organizations facing challenges from a shift in the economy, organizational restructuring, launching or reinforcing strategic initiatives, and who are looking to reignite their employee’s passion towards a focused common vision.


  •  How to leverage adversity as a driving force in your future success
  •  How to unlock the mindset to drive results and embrace change
  •  A three-step formula to achieve daily, lasting results
  •  Practical tools and solutions to stay mentally well during the most difficult of times


This program is ideal for organizations who are seeking ways to support employees during a time of disruption, who are going
through significant change, acclimatizing to a new normal, working from home, and looking to build resilience during difficult

Kevin was an outstanding speaker for our event. He hit the entire team like a freight train at a personal level.

I really appreciated his challenge that we can all be a hero in our own movie. Kevin spoke about mental illness issues that I think all of us face at some point in our lives. This was impactful as I think as a society we tend to shelve these discussions due to fear and unworthiness.

— Chad Lundberg, Vice President, Viking Business Unit, Baytex Energy Corp.